Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour Tennis Racquet
A new model in the EXTREME series, with a smaller head size than the rest of the range, the EXTREME TOUR is designed for advanced tournament players who are looking for optimal spin and power. This racquet is dynamic in every way, from its daring design identity to the innovative Graphene 360+ technology which supplies enhanced flex and clean impact feel. With its spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect on impact with the ball, the EXTREME TOUR is your ultimate spin machine. The EXTREME series is endorsed by Matteo Berrettini.

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Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour Tennis Racquet

Price: $299.99 strung by the manufacturer, no cover provided

* Head size: 630cm2 / 98"

* Frame weight:305g / 10.8 oz

* Frame length: 685mm / 27"

* Frame balance: 315mm 

* Swingweight:

* Stiffness:

* Beam width: 22 / 23 / 21 mm

* String pattern: 16 x19

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