Wilson Blade 104 v7 Tennis Racquet
Equipped with a larger sweet spot and an extended length, the Blade 104 V7.0 impressively covers the court for its users. FeelFlex technology throughout the frame consists of strategically placed carbon mapping at specific points for added racket flexibility and stability to better complement the modern, vertical swing path. This racket blends its unique specs with this new technology for an effective mix of lightweight power and connected-to-the-ball feel that allows players to hit with aggression and confidence.

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* Price: $329.95 strung to order and full cover provided
  • Larger head size for enhanced sweet spot
  • FeelFlex features proprietary carbon mapping strategically placed throughout hoop for additional flexibility and better connected-to-the-ball feel
  • Clean tri-colored design with lime green, black and silver elastic paint
  • Top Grip Taper provides better feel for top-hand grip placement • Reduced spec variance (+/- 5.5 g) for added consistency from frame to frame
  • Braided Graphite construction delivers a pure, classic feel
  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
  • Stringing instructions










* Pros often customize the racket they use. Racket specifications on endorsed consumer models may vary from the models used by Pros for match-play.

* Head size:671cm2 / 104"

* Frame weight: 290g / 10.2oz

* Frame length: 69.85cm / 27.5"

* Frame balance: 320mm / 9 Pts HL

* Swingweight:

* Stiffness:

* Beam width:22mm Flat Beam

* String pattern: 18 x 19
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What is the approximate delivery time for a Wilson Blade 104 V7 strung with Wilson Sensation at 50lbs to Tamworth NSW? Dan Wilson

Hi Would be 3-4 business days by Australia Post. Regards Phil

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