TENEX Shock Absorber Anti-Vibration Device
Tennis Elbow Treatment , available in black only.

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Treatment and Prevention of Tennis or Golfers Elbow

50% to 75% of vibrations are eliminated

Tenex® Elbow Shock Absorber utilizes a high-density liquid formula designed to absorb vibration at the wrist, before it travels to the sensitive tendons of the elbow and carpal area. This liquid acts as a powerful buffer. When it is subjected to even minute impacts from repeated shocks and movements, it creates a constant counterwave neutralizing any harmful effects to the tendons.

"Thanks to your excellent product, my golfers elbow is gone and I am back golfing everytime I get a chance. Use my name anytime you want."
- Dr. Allan Ewasiuk Seattle, Washinton
"I love your product and depend on it. I discovered it by accident about 2 years ago. Treated my horrible tennis elbow and never had a recurrence. To begin, I wore Tenex® ESA daily  for about 20 hours! Now I wear it only when playing tennis. Great great product!"
- Ruth Lambert New Haven, Connecticut
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Hi Re: TENEX shock absorber anti-vibration device @$65.00 Can you please tell me when the tenex will be back in stock! Regards Carole

Hi Carole They are now back in stock, will fix now. Kind Regards Phil

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